Club Cobalt

Balmung - Shirogane - Ward 17 - Plot 41

About the club

Club Cobalt is a venue for those primarily wanting a quieter night out than might be offered by larger establishments. With a focus on encouraging open RP due to it's smaller size; the aim of the club is to allow people to form connections with others. But while open RP is encouraged, the need for private discussions is understood, and as such there are a limited amount of private booths that are openly available for use. Though please take into consideration that ERP is not to be performed openly in the club, it's not that kind of establishment.

Club Cobalt includes a warm and inviting entrance. Within the entrance is a seating area for those recovering from an outrageous amount of alcohol, those looking to relax in a quieter area, or those simply waiting for their friends to arrive.

Club Cobalt features a stocked bar and a menu. If we don't have your favorite drink simply ask what you'd like and we'll maybe have it! You might also ask for what the bar recommends depending on your personal tastes. There is plenty of seating to be found in the club, wherever it be off to the side or right in front of the bar. While the private booths are free use, there are only two areas of Club Cobalt that are off-limits. That being behind the desk on the top floor, and the VIP lounge downstairs, which is strictly on an invite-only basis (Though it may be reserved by larger groups on occasion by request ahead of time). We ask that you respect these restrictions as we offer the rest of this venue to you.

Notice: Club cobalt is purely devoted to promoting and facilitating immersive and quality RP. We are non-profit. We will never ask for your actual gil, and you should never hand over your gil to a member of staff if it is asked of you. All transactions of gil are ic.

We don't care about making gil, we only care about providing a place for you to roleplay in.

Opening times, menu and further information in the link below.

If you need to get in touch with the owner of Club Cobalt contact Aishah Fahri in-game or just click the discord link.

Open nights

Monday - 21:00 est - 00:00 est
Sunday - 21:00 est - 00:00 est


Club Cobalt is currently hiring for the following positions.

Security - Help keep the riffraff to a minimum and keep people out of areas they shouldn't be in.

Bartenders - Serve up some drinks, cut people off, and entertain guests.

Hosts/Hostesses - Keep the guests happy, talking, and drunk. Charisma is a must for this position.

Get in touch on the discord for more info. Link is on the bottom of the front page! Or apply directly through the button here!

More information

The enigmatic Miss Fahri is the owner of club cobalt; having purchased and renovated the establishment from her own pocket. Being born to a rich family in Thavnair, this Raen seems to have more gil than she knows what to do with.

While she will most often watch from afar as events unfold, it has been rumored that the woman has a particular interest in the occult, and the teachings of black magic. In particular, such information may be of use in brokering deals with her.


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